A Barry Safe Place, Inc.

A Barry Safe Place, Inc. Is a Non Profit 501c3 Resource center advocating to end hunger and homelessness for veterans, at risk veterans, homeless & people of need. Aspiring while inspiring and manifesting empathy not sympathy with Dignity & Integrity. Provide temporary transitional housing, meals, utility assistance, bus passes, permanent move in houseware assistance, clothing, essentials, medical & psychological resource, housing rental assistance, food assistance, therapy assistance, career training, vocational rehabilitation assistance, educational enrollment assistance, book & supplies assistance, life skills training, transportation assistance and offering services from start to finish, follow ups included; but not limited to. Support Veterans, retired and active soldiers,deployed troops, IPV soldiers, children, elderly, spouse/widows, battered spouse and disabled veterans. Collaborate with other agencies for continuum care and prevention of long term homelessness and hunger.


Powerful Network

With active members, our organization forms a strong and reliable network. This allows us to advocate in the community and work directly with the people we serve.


We pursue close relationships with local and state agencies, collaborating to end hunger and homelessness for Veterans, at risk veterans, homeless. Advocating for those who are in need of assistance.


Support requires direct communication and assistance. That’s why our volunteers work hard to develop and maintain social relationships with the people they serve. Veterans, retired & active soldiers, deployed troops, IPV soliders, children, elderly, spouse/widows, battered spouse, and disabled veterans.


Our goal is to serve the community, advocating and working to break the cycle of homelessness, hunger and poverty issues in the community for veterans, at risk veterans, homeless, & low to NO income families as a result they’ll return to productive and meaningful lives. Empathizing wellness and promoting healthy eating & living, while building relationships & Increased community engagement.

Raising General Awareness

Unfortunately, hunger and homelessness remain an emotionally charged topic in our society. Our hunger relief program partners with businesses to rescue high-quality safe serve (self-serve) leftover food; to feed children & families who are experiencing food insecure issues. Not only does ABSPI serve people facing hunger, but we also conducts far-reaching campaigns to raise awareness and acceptance surrounding this topic; advocating for Americans struggling with hunger, homelessness & poverty issues.

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