Prayer Requests:


  • Thank you for good breaks, open doors of opportunities, abundant blessings, healing, divine connections, strength, charisma, breakthroughs & miracles in every area of our lives.
  • Lord give me the needed energy for painting today and for it to look excellent
  • Glory to The Most High. Prayer for your prayer life. God Lives
  • God, please let me have an encounter with Your love for me today. Let me have a revelation of Your love, Lord. Abba, please show me that You love me, Lord. In Jesus’ name amen
  • Jesus, as it's written in Psalm 86:17, please send me a sign of Your favor, that those who dislike/rejected me may see it &be ashamed, because You, Lord, have helped me &comforted me. In Jesus’ name.AMEN
  • Jesus please keep me safe, away from harmful people and situations. Help shield and protect my eyes keep them focused on you.
  • Prayers for my cousin La, she very sick with diabetic, aunt Haley and friend Jon that all be well and saved. Please also stop my former employer from trying to harm me/my family or my new job.
  • Lord thank you for your favour,anointing of ease an your power&presence in the midst of sr&jr an the team with our business clients this day,lord let them leave that meeting in victory ijnip amen 🙌🙌
  • Please pray for wisdom and healing for our babies. 🙂
  • Lord thank you for the day , lord come in my health issues, financial struggles provide more than I need for my home bills and finances to save again . Rest sleep prayers . Hope !!

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