Register to receive LETTERS and CARE PACKAGES

  • Chaplains, Commanders, and others who are willing to be points of contact are welcome to register for letters & care packages to share with others and their deployed units.
  • Families or family members are welcome to register their love ones.

Please CONFIRM when you receive your first care package. 

  • Confirmation of receipt of packages is needed. A PRE-PAID post card is included in packages, if we do not receive the returned post card within 60 days; we’ll assume our packages are not received.
  • If there’s special requested items, please note it on the post card.
  • Care packages are FREE of charge to deployed soldiers.

A Barry Safe Place, Inc. SALUTES those who serve, “HEROES” fighting for our FREEDOM. Their BRAVERY, COMMITMENT, DEDICATION and SACRIFICE for us is greatly APPRECIATED.

Fields containing an asterisk must be completed. ABSPI will NEVER publicize nor sell your information.

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“Serving Those Who Serve”

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