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A Barry Safe, Inc.
Did you know that you can donate noncash gifts? These gifts include property such as Body style vehicles/Recreational vehicles, Jewelry, Collectibles, Real Estate, stocks, IRAs, charitable annuities, legacy planning gifts, and more.

Your gifts become an investment in eternity by helping A Barry Safe Place, Inc. to promote the welfare of others; ensuring underserved populations have access to imperative necessities and the prime essentials needed for daily living.

With the support from donors that services the communities that lack knowledge, shelter, insurance and financial resources, we’ll provide continuum care and prevention of long-term homelessness and hunger.  Supporting our organizations that feed, clothe and shelter the destitute, showing compassion, empathy, uplifting spirit and respect. Donations help sustain our committed organization to have a positive impact and make a difference in the quality of life to the disadvantaged. Therefore boosting their morale to return to productive and meaningful lives. 

Please fill out the form below, for Non Cash donations. If you have questions about these giving options, please send us an email at

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